Low-VOC Vinyl Wallcovering

Gossamer by Versa Wallcovering

Gossamer by Versa Wallcovering

Shimmery, soft and iridescent, Gossamer by Versa Wallcovering brings the look of pleated silk to the wall. The low-VOC vinyl wallcovering blends color and texture to replicate the intricate threads and subtle folds of a natural textile. So dimensional that you’re drawn to touch it, Gossamer has a surprisingly smooth surface that provides a high degree of cleanability in health-care and high-traffic spaces.

Twenty-one colors include rich, velvety neutrals, a range of water-conjuring blues, and earthy hues that lend wood grain effects. The sophisticated texture establishes an upscale backdrop for environments from corporate to hospitality, retail and healthcare. The Type II vinyl wallcovering is certified to the NSF/ANSI 342 Sustainability Standard.


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