2018 Geberit Brochure Provides Solutions to Bathroom Project Challenges

The 2018 “Inspire” brochure from Geberit details seven projects featuring Geberit in-wall concealed tank and carrier systems. Each story in the 20-page, 4-color brochure outlines project challenges and describes how designers and architects solved these challenges with help from Geberit in-wall systems. Projects described include bathrooms in a converted closet and a custom-designed boys’ bathroom with an urban skateboard park theme.

“’Inspire’ is designed to provide insight for designers, architects and project managers in creating new and renovated bathrooms,” says Rick Nortier, director of marketing for Geberit. “Central to the 2018 issue are benefits such as water and space savings, plus the accessibility that Geberit tank and carrier systems make possible. “Inspire” illustrates what happens when design meets function.”

This issue of “Inspire” is packed with insights from a wide range of projects in which designers, architects and builders can get inspiration by reading about how their peers solved difficult design challenges with Geberit in-wall systems. Geberit in-wall technology provides real water savings with dual-flush technology.

Download the “INSPIRE” brochure here or call (800) 566-2100 to request a copy.

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