3D Building Information Modeling Files Are Available on Cloud-based Platform

3A Composites USA has announced that Alucobond aluminum composite material (ACM) 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) files are available to architects and designers on the BIMsmith Forge cloud-based platform by Anguleris Technologies.

BIMsmith Forge – a free design platform for architects and designers – allows building design professionals to form wall assemblies by accessing hundreds of standalone products. Accurate outputs are provided for each custom wall assembly, including three-part specifications and cut sheets. Building components created on BIMsmith Forge can be inserted into other design platforms such as Autodesk Revit.

“As manufacturers of Alucobond our goal is to improve and expand Alucobond offerings for cladding modern building designs,” says Ben Branham, marketing manager, 3A Composites USA. “We created Alucobond BIM files for Autodesk Revit to allow architects and designers to access all of our product options within that paid design platform. By partnering with BIMsmith Forge, we’re now providing architects and designers with access to all of our Alucobond color and finish options as well as the ability to build entire wall assemblies from the outside in for review. We’re pleased to be a part of the BIMsmith Forge design platform, which helps to simplify architectural designers’ jobs by cutting the time it takes to individually download all of the product BIM files it takes to build a wall assembly.”

Alucobond is specified by architects and designers as metal cladding for office buildings, hospitals, educational facilities, convention centers, airports and hotels and is utilized to create custom design elements such as entrances, canopies, column covers and interiors as well as corporate identity structures and signage. Alucobond consists of two sheets of 0.020-inch aluminum thermobonded to a polyethylene core and is manufactured in the standard 4 millimeter thickness. Alucobond provides flatness and rigidity, formability, low weight and weather resistance.

BIMsmith Forge allows users to save design combinations for later use and to modify designs following review and analyses by entire architectural design and construction teams.

“This is a way to specify real products rather than generic product representations within Building Information Modeling,” says Steve Loring, marketing director of Elgin, Ill.-based Anguleris Technologies. “We’re offering BIM content from manufacturers of building products all on one platform, saving time for architects and designers who otherwise would have to search multiple sites for products for assemblies. We’ve focused on including the brand in each building product category. That’s why we’re excited to offer Alucobond BIM content on BIMsmith Forge.”

The BIMsmith cloud-based platform is free for architects, designers and other industry professionals. It allows users to virtually build wall, ceiling and floor systems, creating customized files for download.

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