3A Composites Adds to Alucobond Corporate Identity Inventory

3A Composites USA is pleased to announce three new additions to its Corporate Identity inventory stocking programs for Alucobond aluminum composite material (ACM). Alucobond is now available in the custom Red Fire color to clad Wendy’s restaurants, in custom Focus Black to clad Ford/Lincoln/Mercury auto dealerships and in custom Tri-Corn Black to clad Mini Cooper auto dealerships.

“We’re pleased to support these well-known brands by adding these eye-catching custom colors to Alucobond’s Corporate Identity inventory stocking programs,” says Mike Caldwell, sales manager, Alucobond Corporate Identity. “We look forward to working with architects and fabricators as they develop project designs to update current retail locations and to build new retail outlets for Wendy’s restaurants and Ford and Mini Cooper auto dealerships.”

The Alucobond business team partners with an extensive group of experienced fabricators and installers who are focused on delivering high-quality corporate identity projects to best represent retail brands, according to Caldwell.

View a full list of custom colors supporting retail brands in Alucobond’s Corporate Identity program. Click on “Alucobond Corporate Identity List” to download this document.

Alucobond consists of two sheets of 0.020-inch aluminum thermobonded to a plastic core. Alucobond provides flatness and rigidity, formability, low weight and weather resistance. Alucobond aluminum-faced panels are manufactured with a polyethylene core in a standard 4mm thickness.

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