3form Releases Environmental Product Declarations

Continuing its commitment to product transparency, 3form has released third-party certified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for several of its building materials—more than a year ahead of revised LEED V4 required timelines.

3form’s creation of EPDs began in November 2013, when partners were selected to inventory products’ ingredients and manufacturing inputs (such as energy, water, and other finite resources), to then scientifically model and report total potential environmental impacts in publically accessible documents for architects and end users. These reports were developed in tandem with PE International, a global software, data and consulting firm, then independently verified by NSF International. “Partnering with an independent consultant to develop detailed Life Cycle Analyses (LCA) and EPDs, which then undergo third-party verification helps ensure accuracy in 3form’s transparency efforts and in gathering valuable insight where possible environmental improvements might be made,” said Mike Johnson, Director of Sustainability at 3form.

Flagship products including Varia Ecoresin, Chroma, Koda XT, and Infinite Glass have been analyzed. LCAs on Varia Ecoresin and Chroma showed that the incorporation of recycled materials significantly reduces Global Warming Potential (GWP), as well as other environmental impacts, when compared to a panel made entirely of virgin materials. Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) certifies that Varia Ecoresin and Chroma contain 40 and 38 percent-recycled materials respectively.

“This investment in LCAs and EPDs underscores our commitment to transparency and has already shown us areas where we might be able to further improve our products’ sustainability elements,” said Mike Johnson. “3form began its commitment to transparency as a pilot manufacturer in the effort to bring about Health Product Declarations (HPDs); today we’re excited to offer our clients both HPDs and thirdparty EPDs well in advance of LEED V4 deadlines. We hope that by showing leadership in transparency we will help advance sustainability in the built environment and in environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing.”

Leadership in transparency is one of the five major initiatives of 3form’s Path to Zero sustainability platform. Other initiatives include: zero-waste manufacturing facilities, carbon neutrality, responsible manufacturing (with programs like Full Circle, Reclaim, and Reform), and employee engagement.

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