Revised Battery Standard Provides Guidance on Testing Environmental Performance

After technical review, the NEMA/ANSI Dry Battery Section revised ANSI C18.4M American National Standard for Portable Cells and Batteries—Environmental. This standard provides guidance on testing the environmental performance of batteries, the symbols used to convey messages for collection and recycling, and the aspects to be included in assessing the environmental impact of batteries with modern life-cycle analysis techniques.

“This standard represents a tool for battery manufacturers and users by establishing a consistent set of environmental requirements where vague, fractured, or no guidance existed in the past,” says Marc Boolish, director of government affairs at Energizer Brand who also chairs the ANSI C18-4 subcommittee. “This has attracted global attention for its usefulness.”

This revision improves upon the 2015 edition by including a compliance checklist, extended producer responsibility, and refined information on U.S. and international requirements for environmental aspects as they relate to batteries.

ANSI C18.4M-2017 is available in hard copy or as an electronic download on the NEMA website.

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