Accuracy in Roof Measurements

Software Technology Offers Roofing Contractors an Easier Way to Measure Roofs

Reroofing is stronger than ever as building owners work to extend the life of their roof systems and integrity of their overall real-estate investments. Knowing the exact dimensions of a roof is critical, and progressive roofing contractors are using advanced technology to provide detailed reports for facility managment.

In today’s high-tech world, combining roofing experience with software technology has led to aerial roofing measurements and reports, which take much of the guesswork and labor out of measuring roofs the old-fashioned way. Recently, McEnany Roofing, Tampa, Fla., ordered an aerial roof report from EagleView Technologies, Bothell, Wash., for its ongoing maintenance contract with Tampa General Hospital. The report not only has provided insight to the hospital’s facility-management staff about the complex’s numerous roof decks, but also has saved McEnany Roofing in time and material and labor costs.


McEnany Roofing has used aerial roof reports for many of its ongoing maintenance and reroofing projects. Founded in 1985, McEnany Roofing is known for strong workmanship and is enjoying newfound recognition as a leader in technology. With a business model built on long-term relationships with building owners, McEnany Roofing provides roofing services for several large building owners in the Tampa area.

Tampa General Hospital serves a dozen Florida counties, has 988 licensed beds and more than 6,000 employees, and features nearly 50 different roof decks that are continually being evaluated for maintenance and reroofing needs.

McEnany Roofing’s team recently presented a roofing report based on aerial measurements to the facilty-managment team of the hospital. Each page of the report offered a detailed analysis of all roofing decks, including lineal and square footage, slope and parapet details. This information provided an understanding of the roof decks the hospital’s facility management had not previously had.

“We had just finished reroofing two sections when we decided to order the report,” remembers Jason Browning, McEnany Roofing’s estimator. “We pulled the report, which was 40-pages long and detailed with the information that we knew would be important to hospital management while also helping us better plan for future sections. We are now starting on eight new sections and the investment has paid off. The technology has helped us take our customer service to the next level. The reports bring a whole new level of accuracy to estimating and reroofing. The customers are very happy with our results.”

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