ACG Glass Website Provides Information and Inspiration

AGC Glass has launched its new AGC North America website, www.agcglass.com.

The site is a resource for architects and designers looking to specify glass. It features information, imagery, and downloadable content for the entire roster of AGC products.

The look and performance of AGC products can be examined and evaluated. The product pages on the site help visitors find the right product to match their specification requirements by pulling key data points like light transmission, solar heat gain coefficient, light-to-solar gain, and U-Value. In addition, AGC’s Architectural Glass Visualizer, Decorative Glass Visualizer, and Glass Calculator are all housed on the site.

Complementing its database of product information, the website also houses a portfolio of completed projects with photography and corresponding application and project team details, allowing visitors to explore the possibilities with AGC glass.

Finally, connecting with AGC North America has been simplified. The site provides customers with the ability to contact the appropriate AGC rep by providing project information or requesting product information using one of many online forms.

Mark Twente, director marketing for AGC North America says, “The website reflects our philosophy. It was built to inspire, make us approachable, and allow us to respond to our customer’s needs.”

The AGC North America website can be viewed on any device, whether desktop or mobile.

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