Adaptable Door Meets Universal Design Requirements

Heroal universal design doorHeroal universal design door

heroal universal design door

heroal universal design door

The heroal D 92 UD aluminum door system was designed to be an innovative modular system and is easy to adapt to a variety of residential needs. The door offers architects, suppliers and manufacturers a great deal of planning freedom and production security. A wide range of side elements, transom windows, door casements, fillings and colors makes it possible to fulfill users’ design wishes and legal requirements.

Thanks to its reduced number of components, the door system is quick and efficient to install and offers all the advantages of aluminum: durability, stability and low-maintenance. It also offers performance in terms of heat insulation (Ud ? 0.70 W/m²K), watertightness (class 8A/9A) and air permeability (class 4).

Changing and adapting the door after construction is quick and easy, thanks to the modular system. As a result, the system remains flexible for decades to come.

The door’s flexibility helped it recently win the universal design award 2013 in the category “living” from Universal Design GmbH, Hanover, Germany. Based on the universal design concept, the award honors products and solutions that can be used by all people to the greatest extent possible thanks to their universal design. The panel of judges at the universal design award 2013 selected 61 winners from a total of 121 entries coming from 10 countries. The entries were divided into nine categories. View all the winners.


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