Add Color to Concrete Floors

Bring a splash of color to concrete floors as you increase durability and add elegance with Lythic’s new Duet Colors for Concrete.

Water-based Duet Colors mix with Lythic Densifier for a dual-purpose use. One application penetrates concrete with color and adds surface hardness. With Duet Colors there are no hazardous chemicals or contentious fumes to manage.

Duet dyes can be mixed with water or Lythic Densifier and applied with a pump sprayer. Pour dye concentrate into a pump sprayer and add water or Densifier to make 1 gallon of total volume. No agitation is necessary. Coverage is 400 square feet per gallon. A pre-moistened microfiber pad or roller may be used to help distribute the color evenly as the dye is sprayed down. When dry, clean with a floor cleaning machine using water and a red fiber to remove excess material or proceed with final diamond polishing steps. A second application may not infuse more color into the surface. Dye applications using water will benefit from additional surface treatment for protection like densifiers or topical sealers.


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