Agreement Makes It Easier to Pursue WELL and BREEAM Standards

The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), Washington, D.C., and BRE, San Francisco, announced an agreement between the two organizations to pursue alignments between the WELL Building Standard and BREEAM that will make it easier for projects pursuing both standards. Under the agreement, the organizations will mutually identify specific credits whereby submitted documentation will be recognized by both organizations, saving project teams time and costs associated with submitting the documentation twice.

BREEAM and WELL are evidence-based systems that have best practice, continual improvement, and the interest of the environment and people at their heart. Certification in both systems is achieved through the submission of project documentation and onsite post-occupancy performance testing.

“Since the beginning, IWBI has worked to find ways that WELL can work harmoniously with the world’s leading sustainable building standards because we believe sustainability and health are synonymous,” says Rick Fedrizzi, chairman and CEO, IWBI. “We look forward to partnering with BRE to advance this important concept by helping project teams who are using both BREEAM and WELL deliver a more sustainable and healthier built environment as efficiently as possible.”

The announcement comes at a time when corporations, as well as the real-estate industry, are increasingly looking at how the built environment impacts human health and sustainability. The crosswalk identifying the applicable credits between the two standards is being done by WELL’s certifying body, Green Business Certification Inc., and BRE and is expected to be completed in January.

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