Air Cleaner for Variable Refrigerant Flow System

LG Electronics USA has introduced a new air cleaner that combines a variety of technological advances with a superior dust holding capacity to provide superior performance and energy efficiency while minimizing maintenance needs and reducing life-cycle cost.

The state-of-the-art LG “Dynamic V8 VL Series” Air Cleaner features the longest filter life currently available on the market, substantively reducing a wide range of particulate and gas-phase contaminants, including ultra-fine particulate, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odors and biological contaminants. With near-HEPA filter performance, the Dynamic V8 VL Series Air Cleaner is also the first Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solution for Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems that does not emit ion or ozone pollutants.

With up to 100 times the dust holding capacity of shallow bed MERV-13 filters, the MERV 15+ rated Dynamic V8 VL Series Air Cleaner was designed with the flattest loading curve in the industry to prevent degradation of airflow as the filter gets dirty. This also means that the maintenance cycle of the V8 is typically measured in years, not months.

The product has been thoroughly tested and validated for single-pass particulate removal and loading utilizing ASHRAE 52.2-2007 test protocol, as well as using a “real world” fine (SAE-J726) loading dust. Multi-pass particulate removal provides proof the V8 Air Cleaner outperforms MERV 14 filters, leaving the air up to four times cleaner. Gas-phase contaminant removal validated through installed project testing.


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