Alliance Connects Design Professionals with Sustainable Products, Benefits Product Manufacturers

GreenCE Inc. has launched a strategic partnership with GreenWizard Inc. to facilitate increased communication between sustainable design professionals and product manufacturers. GreenCE is a provider of sustainable design education with over 100,000 subscribers. GreenWizard is a provider of materials management for building product data and documentation for green building and LEED projects. This alliance will help design professionals find sustainable products and benefit building product manufacturers through increased access to the design community.

“We are very excited about the partnership that we have forged with GreenWizard,” says Brad Blank, vice president of GreenCE. “Product transparency is crucial for architects to specify the healthiest products for a building. GreenWizard is a powerful tool that allows design teams to search for products that have a Health Product Declaration and Environmental Product Declaration. We encourage building product manufacturers to develop HPDs and EPDs, and upload their product declarations to GreenWizard.”

HPDs and EPDs play a significant role in the new LEED v4 green building rating system. Building product manufacturers have several new opportunities to get specified by contributing more points on projects under LEED v4. GreenCE helps building product manufacturers develop HPDs and EPDs. GreenWizard incorporates HPDs and EPDs into its Product Management Workflow tool and offers a single platform for sustainable materials selection. GreenCE and GreenWizard will work together to advance product transparency in the marketplace through education courses and instructional videos.

“GreenCE is an asset to the green building industry overall. We are excited about our new relationship and look forward to paving the educational path for the product transparency movement,” says Jerry Lepore, president/COO of GreenWizard. “Transparency is a crucial part of green building and GreenCE plays a significant educational role in the industry. Together, GreenCE and GreenWizard can provide architects with the information needed to select the healthiest products for their green building projects and enable manufacturers to disclose their product information through HPDs, EPDs and other third party certifications.”

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