American Hydrotech Begins Celebrating Anniversary of Its Monolithic Membrane

American Hydrotech Inc., a developer and distributor of waterproofing and roofing products, has announced 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the company’s flagship product: Monolithic Membrane 6125, a waterproofing membrane offering proven performance on roofs, vegetated roofs, plazas, vertical foundations, reflecting pools and other structures. Since American Hydrotech’s founding in 1977, this product has been at the core of the company’s roofing assembly innovations, and it is trusted by architects and designers in projects spanning across more than 2 billion square feet of roofing and waterproofing in more than 36 countries.

“I have specified [Monolithic Membrane 6125] for over 32 years on many projects all over the world and once installed, the clients have never had a single issue with it in service,” says Tim Taylor, director of specifications for Gensler. “My confidence in the product and the excellence of the people that make up its global organization remains unshakable after all these years.”

Monolithic Membrane 6125, a hot fluid-applied, rubberized asphalt used for waterproofing, was developed in 1963 by Uniroyal Ltd. American Hydrotech was founded in 1977 after acquiring the U.S. distribution rights for the product. Since that time, the company has continued on the path of innovation and dedication to the industry by offering a number of new products and roof assemblies, such as The Ultimate Assembly (STYROFOAM insulation, Architectural Pavers, pedestals and supports) and Garden Roof Assemblies.

American Hydrotech strives to make innovative design a reality while meeting the ever-changing demands of the building industry and environmental challenges. “It has been an honor and privilege to collaborate and innovate with premier architects, builders, developers and owners across the globe on some of the most prestigious, important and compelling structures of our time,” says David Spalding, president of American Hydrotech. “Monolithic Membrane 6125 has delivered unsurpassed performance history for 50 years, and as a company, Hydrotech stands by this performance, as we are committed to industry excellence—in customer service, innovation and integrity.”

In celebration of the company’s legacy and innovation for 50 years, American Hydrotech has published a classics book, which features a sampling of some of the most compelling structures designed by today’s leading architects and design firms who have partnered with American Hydrotech and continued to leverage the company’s technology.

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