Arriscraft Releases New CAD Details of Its Thin-Clad Products

Arriscraft, a manufacturer of all-natural products that emulate quarried stone, has been working diligently to produce new CAD details of its comprehensive Thin-Clad products.

Easily downloaded so architects and designers may use them in project drawings, these include the Face Sealed/Barrier Wall details for ARRIS.tile and ARRIS.stack. Both detail sets are available in the Arriscraft-CADD Library.

These detailed drawing are available in PDF, DWG and DXF formats. According to Arriscraft Thin-Clad Manager, Craig Swirzon: “This accounts for about 700 individual and unique details in total. We will next be working on the insulated drainage plane details. After that, we will be adding details for ASHRAE 90.1, drainage plane, insulated drainage plane with “Z’’ channels for ARRIS-tile and ARRIS-stack as well as additional ARRIS-clip details. This once again sets us apart as the only manufacturer with such a large scope of available details to use for adhered veneers.”

Arriscraft manufactures a vast range of premium stone for commercial and residential projects, including full-bed Renaissance Masonry Units and Building Stone, Thin-Clad adhered and clipped veneers, Adair® Limestone, and cast accessories. Designers can select from a truly comprehensive line of styles – from old-world to contemporary – in natural colors, with custom applications available.

Headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario (62 miles/100 km west of Toronto), Arriscraft is the stone products group of General Shale, North America’s largest brick, stone and concrete block manufacturer, supplying a wide variety of masonry materials for residential, commercial and specialty architectural projects.

Throughout the U.S. and Canada, General Shale operates manufacturing facilities in nine states and provinces, in addition to a network of 31 distribution centers across the United States. General Shale was founded in 1928 and is headquartered in Johnson City, Tenn.

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