ASHRAE Publishes Update to Principles of HVAC

Atlanta-based ASHRAE has published Principles of Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning, which contains the most current ASHRAE procedures and definitive, yet easy to understand, treatment of building HVAC systems, from basic principles through design and operation.

The book may be used for/by:

  • undergraduate engineering courses in the general field of HVAC
  • similar courses at technical institutes
  • continuing-education and refresher short courses for engineers
  • adult-education courses for non-engineers

The edition includes new values for climatic design information; new values of heating, wind and cooling and dehumidifying design conditions; improved values of thermal conductivity and resistance for common building and insulating materials; and an extensively revised chapter about residential heating- and cooling-load calculations. Additionally, the chapters about system design and equipment reflect recent changes and concepts in current heating and air-conditioning system practices. To order the book, contact ASHRAE Customer Service at (800) 527-4723 or visit the www.ASHRAE.org Bookstore.

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