AtSite and BuildingIQ Announce Strategic Partnership to Help Owners Improve Building Performance and Save Money

AtSite, a smart buildings company, announces a strategic partnership with BuidlingIQ. AtSite will utilize BuildingIQ’s Predictive Energy Optimization software to power energy and operational savings across client building portfolios.

The partnership provides AtSite clients with additional cost-efficient, energy reduction strategies. These strategies center around optimizing the performance of capital equipment, while delivering a comprehensive solution that leverages AtSite’s smart building services platform and BuildingIQ’s advanced software.

BuidlingIQ’s software reduces HVAC energy costs in commercial buildings by continuously monitoring inputs including weather, occupancy, energy prices and demand-response events. Based on those inputs, the software runs thousands of computations to arrive at the most efficient HVAC operating strategy for the next 24 hours and makes automatic changes in temperature and pressure that result in large HVAC savings.

“We are excited about our partnership with AtSite,” says Michael Nark, BuildingIQ CEO. “Combining their extensive building performance expertise and InSite, their cloud-based platform, with the power of BuildingIQ’s energy optimization software provides an ideal solution to help owners identify opportunities for improved performance and take action to drive persistent cost savings.”

InSite, AtSite’s smart building platform, brings together a fully integrated managed building environment that includes the support analytics, tools, applications and real people needed to help building teams get things done.

“BuildingIQ is an emerging leader in the Machine-to-Machine space and we look forward to working with their leading edge software,” says Tim Clark, senior vice president of operations at AtSite.

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