Author: Robert Nieminen


  • Robert Nieminen

    Robert Nieminen is a freelance writer; the former editor of Interiors & Sources magazine; and retrofit’s editor at large, specializing in interiors. Under his direction, Interiors & Sources was the recipient of several publishing awards, as well as a pioneer of sustainability reporting.

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The Open Office Concept Has Promised Greater Collaboration and Creativity in the Workplace. But Has It Come at the Cost of Our Privacy?

There’s a not-so-silent war that’s being waged in corporate offices all across America that’s threatening productivity, not to mention people’s sanity. ... Read more.
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With Scarcity and Costs Rising at Alarming Rates, Water Efficiency Must Take Center Stage in the Sustainability Conversation if We Hope to Preserve Our Way of Life

It’s not always easy to find the silver lining behind the sustainability cloud. The media never seems to miss the opportunity to exploit a crisis (global warm... Read more.
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San Francisco Has Mandated Retrofits to Buildings Susceptible to Earthquakes, Taking a Proactive Path to Disaster Mitigation and Recovery

On the eastern seaboard, coastal residents know that between the months of June and November, the probability of a hurricane striking their area is relatively h... Read more.
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LEED v4 Focuses on the Health Implications of the Materials We Use in Our Buildings

Twenty years ago, the word “sustainability” wasn’t in most people’s lexicons and, in fact, only a handful of visionaries were talking about creating a n... Read more.