Automatic Fire Vent Meets Fire-protection Standards

The Bilco Co.’s Lumivent, an automatic fire vent with multi-wall polycarbonate covers that provide natural daylighting, features a pitched cover design to meet UL 793 and 2012 IBC 2610.3 Building Code requirements. The sloped design encourages burning embers to roll off the covers rather than burn through per the intent of these fire-protection standards.

As with all Bilco fire vents, the Lumivent is designed to open automatically in the event of a fire to remove smoke, heat and toxic gases from a burning building. This improves inside air quality and visibility to allow building occupants to escape safely and firefighters to get in to do their job. Fire vents are ideally suited for buildings with large expanses of unobstructed space such as factories, warehouses, auditoriums and retail facilities.

The Lumivent incorporates the patented Thermolatch II latching mechanism with a curb-mounted fusible link housing that allows the vent covers to be quickly and safely reset from the roof level. Additional standard features include a rugged multi-wall polycarbonate cover design; full perimeter gasketing for weathertightness; interior and exterior pull handles for manual operation; and the Bil-Clip flashing system for fast, secure installation in single-ply roofing applications. The Lumivent is available in a number of UL-listed models and special sizes are available to satisfy unique project requirements.


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