AZEK Invests in Paver Company Acquisition

In an agreement signed on Dec. 19, 2012, AZEK Building Products, a wholly owned subsidiary of CPG International, has completed the acquisition of VAST Enterprises LLC, manufacturers of AZEK Pavers (formerly AZEK VAST Pavers). In September 2011, AZEK Building Products had purchased an interest in VAST and, through a strategic alliance, marketed the pavers to AZEK’s extensive distribution network.

“From the beginning we felt strongly that the pavers, from both a manufacturing and marketing aspect, were a good fit within our line of AZEK exterior, premium building products” says Jason Grommon, president of AZEK Building Products. “The AZEK name is synonymous with low-maintenance, exceptional performance and longevity, and AZEK Pavers certainly meets all of those descriptions. The success and enthusiasm we have seen for AZEK Pavers as a replacement for traditional concrete and clay pavers is very exciting.”

Manufactured with up to 95 percent post-consumer recycled rubber and some plastics, AZEK Pavers offer visual appeal, design flexibility, strength and durability. The secret is an innovative grid system engineered to reduce installation time and effort. At one-third the weight of comparable concrete products, they are designed for driveways, paths and patios. The resurface pavers also work well for rooftops, balconies and decks. AZEK Pavers are available at lumberyards and landscape dealers throughout the US and Canada.

AZEK Pavers’ manufacturing to date has diverted more than 7.5 million pounds of scrap rubber and plastics from U.S. landfills utilizing recycled material from more than 450,000 scrap tires and 13 million plastic containers. The manufacturing process also uses 95 percent less energy and produces 96 percent less in CO2 emissions than conventional pavers.

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