Banker Wire Unveils an Architectural Catalog

Banker Wire has unveiled its architectural catalog, a handbook showcasing over 120 wire mesh products across more than 50 completed projects from around the world. The catalog exemplifies the versatility of the wire mesh through a variety of functional and aesthetic applications in both interior and exterior settings. This serves as inspiration to those working with the material—as well as nods to their innovative use of wire mesh—in hospitality, residential, commercial, transportation, landscaping, infrastructure, and other projects.

“From our Banker Wire weavers, engineers, material handlers, sales staff, and customer service representatives, to all of the architects, designers, contractors, fabricators, and metal workers who have worked closely with us over the years—this catalog is a celebration of the creative, inventive individuals that continue to push the boundaries of what wire mesh can be, and the collaboration that makes what we do possible,” says Jennifer Oven, resource and marketing coordinator, Banker Wire. 

The catalog’s design is complemented by graphic elements that represent the wire mesh material; the motif of the wire mesh, depicted by two intersecting lines, is represented in different scales—first appearing on the catalog’s cover, and then found in varying forms throughout the project pages—symbolizing the variety of wire mesh patterns available. Its cover, colored with the signature Banker Wire burnt umber hue, also references the manufacturer’s brand story; a foil stamped logo symbolizes the wire material, and the soft-touch lamination creates a luxurious finish while providing an element of longevity—a nod to Banker Wire’s commitment to quality, durability, and aesthetic versatility.

Along with detailing the wire mesh’s material properties, the architectural catalog highlights thousands of patterns and numerous metal finishes that provide design possibilities for both functional and aesthetic applications. 

“Each product photograph in the catalog is at 100 percent scale—a feature that ensures the intricate detail of each pattern is portrayed accurately, which is crucial to helping our customers make informed decisions when contemplating their specification needs,” adds Oven. “Overall, the catalog is a tool that exemplifies the breadth of our product variety, reiterating Banker Wire’s manufacturing capabilities and the wire mesh’s fundamental aesthetic value.”

Practicing the craft for over 120 years, Banker Wire’s name is synonymous with manufacturing defined by precision and efficiency. The company offers a ‘mesh your way’, job-shop process that caters to the customer’s specific requirements. As a powerhouse manufacturing entity with scalable operations in place, Banker Wire can transition between running projects as small as one-square-foot to large-scale orders upward of 150,000-square-feet of mesh. 

Flip through a digital version of the catalog, or to request a printed catalog, please contact [email protected].

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