Better Understand Lighting and Plug-load Energy Conservation Measures

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, has announced the availability of the Energy Insight solution, an enhancement to the company’s Measurement and Verification Panelboard (MVP) offering for lighting control. Combining industry-leading circuit zoning capabilities, energy data analytics and a customizable dashboard, the Measurement and Verification Panelboards with Energy Insight provide facility and energy managers with more detailed visibility into energy use information, enabling them to better understand how various lighting and plug load energy conservation measures perform. This in turn allows for improved energy management and opportunities for cost saving and sustainability efforts.

MVP panelboards monitor energy usage by circuit, space or complete lighting system. Operating with most software-based analytic tools incorporating the Modbus communication protocol, MVP panelboards aggregate the energy consumed by multiple branch circuits into manageable, customized zones for a composite measurement. With the incorporation of the Energy Insight software solution, an appliance designed with a plug-and-play approach, panelboard data auto-populates into a web-based dashboard, automatically analyzing current, power (kW), energy (kWh), power factor and volt data on a per circuit, zone or panel basis. Utilizing historical data of each circuit, users can identify energy use trends and detect future opportunities for improved energy efficiency. Providing first-of-its-kind capabilities, the solution can be easily reconfigured by the user at the touch of a button to align with a facility’s changing environment. Energy Insight also includes easy-to-understand and configure dashboards, alarms to identify trouble areas and marquee displays to share results with energy-savings stakeholders.

The MVP family of products includes Powerlink MVP Intelligent Lighting Panels and NF and NQ MVP Panelboards. MVP panelboards easily integrate with existing building management software and assist facilities in accomplishing energy management goals, obtaining LEED certification points, meeting code compliance, and achieving month-over-month energy savings.


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