BIPV Report About Next Eight Years Is Available

Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) represents the merging of the building materials and solar-panel businesses with the “integration” part of the equation implying everything from novel forms of attachment to a building through to full-scale monolithic integration of PV layers into a tile or window.

NanoMarkets, a firm that provides market research and industry analysis of opportunities within advanced materials and emerging energy and electronics markets, has been covering the BIPV market for more than six years and has published numerous industry analysis reports in this space. The firm believes BIPV will prove to be a pathway to creating far larger addressable markets for PV in the future. The BIPV concept will also enable the solar panel industry to create products with higher value added and wider profit margins than the now highly commoditized conventional panels.

In its eight-year market forecast report, “Building Integrated Photovoltaics Markets 2012,” NanoMarkets brings together all its industry analysis to paint a complete quantitative picture of where the BIPV industry is today and where it is headed in the next eight years. The report covers the BIPV roof, BIPV wall and BIPV glass categories and all of the products that make them up: 12 different BIPV products. Projections are also provided for BIPV products with breakouts by the type of building into which they are sold, the region of the world into which they are sold, and the types of materials that they use.

In addition to “Building Integrated Photovoltaics Markets 2012,” other reports include:

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