Blinds Chalet Updates Window Treatment Program

Blinds Chalet is coming up on celebrating their eleventh year in business and have updated their window treatment program for interior designers, contractors, and property management companies. They have worked with professionals in these fields to make this program as beneficial as possible and are now offering additional benefits for those who participate.

There are several benefits to choosing Blinds Chalet over big-box stores. When compared side-by-side, the durability is noticable in Blinds Chalet’s products. All of their products come standard with reinforced steel headrails. The products are also measured by width and length to fit in each window. It is not necessary to cut these products or remove slats in order to get the proper height. Each blind or shade is made for each window. When a shipment is received, there is a label on each box stating which window it is custom-made for. Installing blinds and shades is easy. If installing is not your strong suit, Blinds Chalet is contracted with a nationwide installer network to help you to find a qualified window treatment specialist anywhere across America.

“Interior designers, contractors and property management companies have become an integral part of our business at Blinds Chalet. We wanted to make our designer and contractor programs more appealing in order to broaden our reach across the U.S.,” says Jayson Ellingson, CEO for Blinds Chalet.

As soon as a business signs up for this free program, they are assigned a design consultant. This consultant will be available to take orders, handle concerns, and answer questions along the way. Orders can be taken online, through email, or a phone call to your assigned design consultant.

“Interior designers are finding that our products are perfect for their clients, specifically the bamboo shades. Contractors find our faux wood blinds are able to withstand hot climates without fading,” says Brandon Jolley VP marketing, for Blinds Chalet.

Blinds Chalet caters to professionals by improving this program and they expect many will take advantage of it. To sign up for the Blinds Chalet Interior Design program, visit this website. To sign up for the Blinds Chalet Contractor and Property Management Program, visit here.

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