Bostik and Artaic Host an Educational Design Workshop

Bostik Inc. and Artaic-Innovative Mosaic have staged an educational design workshop at Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue Microsoft Store. Over 70 NYC-based architects and designers came to learn about methods for specifying and installing mosaic tile materials.

The workshop taught/engaged attendees on how best to utilize Artaic’s software, Tylist, which allows for control over the color, material, layout, imagery and overall aesthetic of any mosaic design. Additionally, attendees were illuminated about the benefits offered by Bostik’s Dimension RapidCureR glass-filled grout. A design competition using both of these products then took place. A Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet, courtesy of Bostik, was awarded to designer David Kim, whose innovative design was voted best of the evening’s event.

“Bostik and our strategic partner, Artaic, continue our mission,” states Scott Banda, Bostik’s director of marketing and business development. “We’re not only bringing the art of mosaic design into the 21st century, we’re also staging ongoing interactive events. The events engage architects, designers and mosaic enthusiasts to share our focus. This process is working well and, we’re making sure it’s a lot of fun for all involved!”

Ted Acworth, CEO/Founder of Artaic adds, “The response to our event was outstanding. We wanted it to be educational/relevant for all attendees; we wanted it to stimulate their interest in mosaic design.”

According to all involved, the Bostik-Artaic Manhattan was a success. “It certainly was for me,” beams David Kim.

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