BRW Safety Relaunches Blog to Clarify OSHA Guidelines

With OSHA guidelines changing, and often confusing for entrepreneurs and employers alike, BRW Safety is working to make these regulations more understandable on their revamped blog.

BRW recognized that there are few places online to read about the right safety gear for workplace safety. This inspired them to re-launch their blog, which will feature buying guides for a range of industrial safety products like hard hats, safety vests, protective eye wear and more. “We want prospective customers and current customers alike to understand the regulations and products that are out there to keep their workers safe,” says Christopher Gallagher, the founder of BRW Safety. “While the OSHA site is a great place to start, our blog helps put everything in terms that are understandable and offers relevant product recommendations.”

The blog can be found here. It’s the newest component of the existing BRW Safety site.

The BRW Safety blog is not just for people who work in the manufacturing or warehouse space. Even employers who have staff working outside in need of safety vests can benefit from reading the blog.

BRW Safety & Supply is dedicated to keeping people safe and has had the pleasure of doing so for over 40 years.

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