Cable Kits Melt Snow to Comply with ADA Sidewalk/Surface Guidelines

Sno*Melter Cable Kits from EasyHeatSno*Melter Cable Kits from EasyHeat

Sno*Melter Cable Kits from EasyHeat

Sno*Melter Cable Kits from EasyHeat

New Sno*Melter Cable Kits from EasyHeat are simple to install, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, offering safe, reliable snow melting throughout the winter months in driveways, sidewalks, patios and stairs. It also helps reduce the costs of liability insurance and helps businesses comply with the sidewalk/surface design and maintenance guidelines of the Americans With Disabilities Act (sec

In stock and available for immediate shipment, the dual-element, fixed-resistance cables are UL Listed and CSA Certified, and provide the simplest and safest method of winter protection for your home or business. When combined with an EasyHeat controller (sold separately), Sno*Melter Cable Kits eliminate the expensive, labor-intensive hassles of snow removal by automatically maintaining a surface temperature above freezing.

EasyHeat Sno*Melter Cable Kits are available in sizes that cover from 10 to 100 square feet with a single cable and can easily be configured to fit unique walk, stair, patio and driveway shapes. To accommodate larger commercial jobs, multiple cable kits can easily be combined to cover more substantial areas.

Once the kit is selected, the contractor attaches the Sno*Melter cable to welded-wire mesh or rebar with the included twist ties, hard wires the single-end cold lead to a standard 208V or 240V power source, and finishes pouring or laying the surface material. The installation is complete by including an EasyHeat self-contained controller that begins the heating process whenever moisture is present and the temperature drops below 38 F.


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