Cable Railing Assembly Offers an Unobstructed View

Feeney Inc.'s CableRail cable infill used on wood railing frameFeeney Inc.'s CableRail cable infill used on wood railing frame

Feeney Inc.'s CableRail cable infill used on wood railing frame

Feeney Inc.’s CableRail cable infill used on wood railing frame

Feeney Inc., a manufacturer of stainless-steel and aluminum railing systems, offers its CableRail line in a wide selection of standard and custom-fabricated stainless-steel cable assemblies. Made of weatherproof 316-grade stainless steel with more than 70 percent recycled content, these cables and components are suited to any railing application and offer a low maintenance, environmentally friendly, and visually unobtrusive alternative to commonly used wooden or metal picket infill.

Now celebrating 65 years in business, the company first introduced CableRail stainless-steel cable assemblies in 1988 in response to a growing interest by architects and builders for modern, discreet railing infill products. The product line caught on quickly and expanded significantly.

CableRail Standard Assemblies are Feeney’s most popular cable product. They feature special field-installed Quick-Connect cable fittings with patented automatic-locking jaws that make installations fast and easy. These standard assemblies are available in pre-cut lengths from 5 to 70 feet for easy ordering and come in three cable sizes. The pre-cut lengths help save time by eliminating the need to take precise railing measurements. Installers simply select assemblies that are longer than needed and trim any excess in the field during construction.

CableRail assemblies are perfect for applications where the view is all-important. The clean, finished look of these strong but slender cables is enhanced by special end fittings that are easily concealed into wood or metal posts. The result is a railing infill that is not only durable and attractive but also virtually invisible, creating an unimpaired view. Feeney provides a 10-year warranty on CableRail cable and hardware. An experienced staff can provide assistance with product selection and technical support.


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