Cambria Now Offers Bookmatching of Slabs

Cambria has introduced bookmatching—the use of two mirror-image Cambria slabs, set side by side on the same surface like the pages of an open book.

Available in nine 1-centimeter designs in both Cambria Matte and high gloss finishes, Cambria’s bookmatching technique elevates commercial and residential applications, such as wall cladding, shower and fireplace surrounds, backsplashes and islands.

Horizontal and vertical layout options now are available in Cambria’s bookmatched slabs.

Convenient pre-matched slabs and precise vein matching enable stunning visual effects. The bookmatching technique is bold and breathtaking, transforms any space, and has a pleasingly symmetrical effect making the grain stand out and the space feel custom and elevated.

Bookmatched slabs are available to order through Cambria Customer Care at (866) CAMBRIA with an estimated 14-day lead time, depending on the order. The bookmatched slabs must be purchased in quantities of two and are available in jumbo slabs only. As always, Cambria will offer expert dedicated support and technical assistance through any stage of the project.

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