Cambridge Engineering Encourages Customers to Use Rebates

Cambridge Engineering, a manufacturer of ultra-high efficiency direct gas-fired heaters for commercial and industrial spaces, encourages purchasers of their products to take full advantage of purchase rebates offered by leading natural gas utility providers.

While the rebate amounts vary by utility provider, they result in substantial savings from the purchase price of the units. Most rebates are based on the energy efficiency of the units. As an example, the purchase and installation of a S2200 unit in NW Indiana would amount to a $3,300 rebate from the local gas provider.

Building owners and managers, HVAC contractors, and specifying engineers have long known the energy advantages of the Cambridge Blow-Thru® patented technologies, which can result in energy savings of 40 to 70 percent versus traditional heaters.

“This is a great time to replace or upgrade unit heaters in commercial and industrial areas – when these utility company rebates are added to the tremendous energy savings of these heaters, their payback is accelerated to the point that it’s senseless not to upgrade now,” said Marc Braun, EVP, Sales & Marketing for Cambridge Engineering.

Cambridge Engineering is a leader in energy efficient and cost-saving solutions for heating of commercial and industrial spaces. Cambridge has worked with the Department of Energy and Commercial Building Energy Alliance to help create industry leading energy efficiency standards as both an Energy Star® and LEED-ready partner. Purchasers of Cambridge Engineering heaters can now qualify for additional energy rebates. Said Braun, “We are pleased to be able to continue to provide our customers with further savings from the use of our superior products and technology.”

View a handy summary of utility provider rebates that are earned through purchasing Cambridge Engineering’s S-Series and SA-Series unit heaters. More rebates will be continually added to the site.

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