Cambridge Engineering EVP to Discuss HTHV at ASGE National Conference

Cambridge Engineering EVP Marc Braun will speak at the American Society of Gas Engineers’ (ASGE) National Conference on June 2, 2015 in Las Vegas. Braun’s presentation will focus on the benefits of HTHV (High Temperature Heating and Ventilation) for commercial spaces with large, high-bay areas.

Many commercial buildings with large, high-bay areas suffer from high energy costs in the winter because of inefficient equipment, poor system layout and thermal stratification. While various strategies are available to heat and ventilate these large buildings, some technologies can meet these heating loads with greater energy efficiency, improved temperature control and other operational benefits. Braun’s presentation will provide an overview of HTHV direct-fired heating technology for high-bay commercial buildings and discuss the findings of a recent Department of Energy field study conducted outside St. Louis.

By attending this education session, ASGE members will:

  • Understand how a building can meet its space heating and ventilation needs through 100 percent outside air HTHV direct-fired heating technology.
  • Recognize the difference between standard-efficiency and high-efficiency heating technologies for high bay commercial buildings.
  • Review the energy savings and other key findings from a recent field study of HTHV technology.
  • Analyze the potential for widespread energy savings with HTHV technologies.

Cambridge Engineering manufactures ultra-high efficiency space heaters for safe and efficient heating and ventilation of commercial and industrial spaces. Designed to provide superior heating comfort while reducing installation and energy use costs, Cambridge products utilize patented technologies and are documented to achieve 40 to 70 percent energy savings over other heating applications.

Braun says: “It’s an honor for Cambridge Engineering to speak at this event and for me to have the opportunity to present the efficiencies of HTHV to my peers. I look forward to demonstrating how high-efficiency unit heater replacement technologies like those provided by Cambridge are the solution for commercial building owners to meet their aggressive energy reduction goals.”

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