CAO Group Lighting Division Transitions into Independent Company

CAO Group Inc., a high-technology company, announces the transition of its lighting division into an independent company: CAO Lighting Inc.

Since its inception in 2004, CAO Group’s lighting division has followed a strong upward trajectory. Using revolutionary practices and techniques, this division of CAO has continuously delivered advanced products and solutions for commercial signage and lighting and established fundamental intellectual properties in solid state lights. It’s this forward momentum that has allowed CAO to expand its innovative work in the lighting industry.

“This new company will provide a platform for fast growth and profit in the rapidly growing LED market as well as provide opportunities to apply our patented technology and IPs to the ever-changing market,” says Densen Cao, president and CEO of CAO Group and CAO Lighting. “We hope to further penetrate the general lighting market with advanced light products.”

Through the years, CAO Group’s lighting division has established a reputation of innovation in LED light sources, including a 360-degree light beam. The LuxemBright and Dynast® LED products from CAO Lighting, distributed across North America, offer features that can be applied to various signage and lighting applications.

CAO Lighting will maintain all original division personnel and all intellectual properties in LED products. The new company will operate at the same location as CAO Group Inc. in West Jordan, Utah, and under the same management.

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