Carlisle HVAC Enhances Duct Sealant with Five-year Warranty

Carlisle HVAC Products recently enhanced its duct sealant product, Spray-Seal, by announcing the Hardcast Spray-Seal five-year warranty.

With Carlisle HVAC’s Hardcast Spray-Seal five-year warranty, sealed ductwork will perform at its optimum level. Raising the bar in quality, Spray-Seal is specially formulated for spray applications on the jobsite and can be used for sealing ductwork in new construction and remediation projects. The sprayable duct sealant gives the operator accurate control, resulting in uniform duct sealant coverage, less product waste and minimized overspray.

Carlisle HVAC Products began sealing and remediating ductwork to facilitate HVAC system efficiency almost 50 years ago. Encompassing the Hardcast brand of Duct Sealants, the Dynair brand of Duct Hardware and the Nexus brand of Duct Flange Connecting System, Carlisle HVAC manufactures rolled duct sealants, mastics, adhesives, coatings and hardware, as well as other accessories.


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