Carving into an Oversized Dining Room Creates Space for More Kitchen Prep and Storage Area

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The scullery is hidden behind a door in the kitchen. When the door is closed, it resembles the rest of the kitchen cabinetry.

Chrissy Serrano is a North Carolina-based home design and lifestyle blogger accustomed to making stylish design choices and sharing tips with her audience and followers of the Chrissy Marie Blog. When she and her husband moved to a larger home to accommodate their family of six, they loved the house but knew the kitchen would need some work.

Serrano hired Katie O’Neal Design to guide her through the kitchen remodeling process. “I trusted her to take my aesthetics to the next level and make sure the kitchen functions in a way that would make for easy living for years to come,” Serrano explains.

The pair immediately chose to remove a window wall between the living room and kitchen. The decision would take away storage and counterspace but would open the kitchen to the living room. Without many options in the kitchen for additional storage, Serrano and her designer got creative.

The view when the door to the scullery is closed.

“We noticed on our first visit to the home that the dining room was unusually long,” Serrano recalls. “It was grand with five windows. We started wondering if we could take away part of that room and turn it into a second, smaller kitchen that would give us back some storage and counter space.”

In fact, they were able to do just that and transform part of the dining room into what they call a scullery. Although it doesn’t have a sink, the new scullery functions very well for prep and has a secondary oven, microwave, warming drawer, a full coffee bar and prep station, appliance garage, and more counter and storage space.

Read more about this entire kitchen remodel.

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