Ceiling-2-Ceiling Designation Identifies High Levels of Post-consumer Recycled Content

Armstrong Ceilings & Wall Systems has added a trio of Dune ceiling panels to its line of “Ceiling-2-Ceiling” products. The Ceiling-2-Ceiling designation is designed to help architects, interior designers, building owners and facility managers quickly identify Armstrong ceilings made with high post-consumer recycled content from ceilings that have been recycled as part of the Armstrong Ceiling Recycling program. Each of the designated Dune panels has 18% post-consumer recycled content.

Other Armstrong products to receive the Ceiling-2-Ceiling designation are six different Cirrus and six Ultima panels, all of which have a total recycled content of 80 percent, including 15 percent post-consumer.

One of the keys to the high post-consumer content of its ceilings is the success of the company’s Ceiling Recycling Program. The recycling program, which is the nation’s longest running program of its kind, allows building owners to specify ceiling recycling for mineral fiber and fiberglass ceilings from renovation projects. Armstrong, or one of its consolidators, will pick up the old ceilings and return them to a manufacturing plant where they are used to produce new ceilings as an alternative to going into a landfill.


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