Chiller’s Design Minimizes Electrical Consumption

Trane's Series S CenTraVac chillerTrane's Series S CenTraVac chiller

Trane's Series S CenTraVac chiller

Trane’s Series S CenTraVac chiller

Trane, a global provider of indoor comfort solutions and services and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, introduces the newest addition to its centrifugal chiller product portfolio, the Series S CenTraVac chiller (Series S chiller). Providing superior performance in a compact, easy-to-install package, the Series S chiller delivers best-in-class full-load and part-load efficiencies for centrifugal chillers in the 180 to 390 tonnage range.

At the core of the Series S chiller’s performance is AdaptiSpeed technology, the integration of an all-new direct-drive compressor utilizing the industry’s first mixed-flow impellers and optimized specific speed; permanent magnet motor; and the third-generation Trane Adaptive Frequency drive (AFD3).

The compressor design is optimized to precisely match load requirements and operating conditions across a wider range. As a result, the Series S chiller is capable of the highest full-load efficiencies to minimize the electrical infrastructure and reduce the impact of demand-based charges and real-time pricing during peak periods.

The design also delivers the highest part-load efficiencies to drive lower overall electrical consumption charges. Finally, its industry-leading integrated part load value (IPLV) can easily meet ASHRAE 90.1 part-load efficiency requirements.

The AFD3 also contributes to the efficiency and reliability of the chiller. The AFD3 is a fully integrated variable-speed drive that works with the permanent magnet motor and Tracer AdaptiView unit controller to continuously optimize chiller efficiency through compressor speed and guide vane position.

Unique to the industry, the Trane true 24-pulse drive produces low harmonic distortion levels that meet the stringent requirements of IEEE 519. Its rugged design also means the AFD3 can effectively handle electrical dips, surges and other imbalances to maintain reliable chiller operation on any utility power source.

The design philosophy of the Series S chiller has been focused on the demanding requirements of replacement and retrofit applications, and is ideal for a wide variety of building types and sizes, new construction and existing buildings, including educational institutions, health facilities and government buildings.

The compact design enables the Series S chiller to fit through standard commercial double doors—72-inches wide by 80-inches tall. It also utilizes a bolt-together design that allows the chiller to be easily disassembled in the field when access to the mechanical room is tighter.

Retrofit applications can also be sensitive to the noise generated by the equipment. The Series S chiller provides the lowest sound levels in its class—typically less than 75 dBA—making it a solution for sound-sensitive applications.

The industrial oil-free design of the Series S chiller utilizes new technologies that deliver reliable operation over the life of the chiller. The balanced impeller configuration allows for near-zero thrust loads on the compressor’s hybrid ceramic bearings, a bearing system which has been proven through more than a decade of successful field operation.

Trane stands behind the Series S chiller’s reliability by offering the same 10-year parts, labor and refrigerant loss warranty that’s already available on all CenTraVac chillers—100 percent backed and fulfilled by Trane, not a third party.


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