Clay Tile Roof System with PV and Green-roof Capabilities

The ArteZanos Hybrid Universal Roof Tile System is a patented Miami-Dade County-approved, disaster-resistant, 100-year, recyclable, panelized, easy-to-install traditional roof tile system that can support integrated photovoltaic and green-roof technologies. The Universal Pan is the key element of system. It is made of 60 percent recycled aluminum and replaces traditional clay tile, reducing weight by 50 percent and adding 191 pounds uplift resistance. The clay starter tile, used with the Universal Pan, is the tile that starts the run of the underpan and ensures the look of a true Roman pan system. Then, terra-cotta roof tiles feature horticulture creations nestled in between. In addition, thin-film technologies encapsulated in protective housing, can be integrated with the tiles. The Hybrid Universal Roof Tile System is installed similar to a traditional barrel tile roof.


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