Coalition for LED Lamp and Fixture Compatibility Forms

Following the December 2012 launch of the “Works with Soraa” program, a lamp and fixture validation program, Soraa has announced the addition of nine new fixture manufacturers. The companies Excelsior Lighting, HK Lighting Group, Light Raze, Tegan Lighting, Intense Lighting, Lucifer Lighting, Nora Lighting, Liton Lighting and Pure Edge Lighting join the four original partners—Tech Lighting, Focal Point, Hevi Lite and Dreamscape Lighting—to form the largest coalition of building-validated LED lamp and fixture solutions for the lighting market. Soraa also announced the expansion of the program to dimmer and transformer manufacturers with launch partners Crestron and Q-Tran.

“LED lighting interoperability is a vexing problem that the entire industry faces,” says Eric Kim, CEO of Soraa. “The ‘Works with Soraa’ program has been a great initial success and we are pleased to see new manufacturers joining the program to eliminate this problem and create validated solutions for the market. The program will benefit all stakeholders in the lighting industry—lighting designers, architects, contractors, installers and end users—by providing certainty about LED lamp, fixture and lighting infrastructure compatibility.”

The “Works with Soraa” program is designed to foster strong collaboration between Soraa and fixture, dimmer and transformer manufacturers, so combinations of products can be rapidly validated for mechanical, thermal and electrical compatibility to create market-ready solutions. Validated product combinations are listed on Soraa’s and the partner’s websites and in catalogs, so specifiers can then specify, and customers can purchase and install, these solutions with confidence.

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