Corium Brick Cladding System to Be Marketed with Knight Wall Systems’ Rainscreen System

Corium and Knight Wall Systems have entered into a partnership to jointly market the Corium Cladding System in conjunction with Knight’s continuous insulation and mineral-fiber rainscreen façade system.

The co-marketed system will be sold through Corium and Knight’s sales channels.

“Knight’s strong brand identity in the North American market, coupled with its innovative technology, are a good fit for Corium as we fully commercialize the Corium Cladding System in the U.S.,” says Steve Collins, vice president of Telling Architectural Systems, Corium’s North American supplier. “Knight and Corium are ideally suited to the modern commercial building envelope and combined create a true rainscreen brick veneer with continuous insulation.”

The Corium Cladding System, just launched domestically, is comprised of genuine brick with a unique and patented profile that mechanically fix to an HPS200 coated and galvanized receiver tray. Each tray interlocks to form a drainage plane, which is then mounted to Knight’s engineered framing system. The brick tiles are clipped into place. This mechanical “clipping” system is proprietary to Corium and provides a high-strength façade that offers a level of design flexibility unheard of with traditional hand laid bricks.

Knight’s CI-System and MFI-System rainscreen framing assemblies offer true thermal isolation and a proprietary and versatile mounting system that exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 with virtually any type of cladding.

Corium has been successfully installed for 14 years throughout Europe and is now available in North America, marketed by Telling Architectural Systems LLC, Cranston, RI.

Knight Wall Systems Inc. is a subsidiary of Knight Construction and Supply Inc., in business since 1968, serving commercial, industrial and institutional customers throughout the U.S. The firm has more than 100 employees at its eastern Washington headquarters and manufacturing facility.

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