Cornerstone Building Brands Makes Stone Veneer Easily Accessible via New Website

Cornerstone Building Brands announces the launch of a new ClipStone website, myclipstone.com, with a variety of resources designed to make it easy for everyone from DIYers to professionals to create beautiful stone spaces in homes and commercial developments. The new site pays homage to the brand’s “It’s That Easy” motto, making ClipStone mortarless stone veneer, available nationally, accessible to any DIYer or building professional so they can easily create beautiful stone accents with simple, everyday tools—no mortar or masonry skills required.

“Since mechanically fastened stone veneer is one of the fastest-growing exterior finishes, ClipStone wanted the website to follow the ‘It’s That Easy’ motto as well,” Jeff Byers, ClipStone general manager, says. “Installing ClipStone products is easy, requiring no professional skill, and now our website helps customers considering the product essentially experience it before they purchase.”

The website boasts a variety of resources, including:

  • Inspiration gallery – Large-format image gallery to inspire unique and beautiful stone spaces
  • Video tutorials – Robust video support including step-by-step installations and tips for making the installation process even easier
  • Where to Buy section – Easy-to-navigate retailer locator that lists all online and retail purchasing locations
  • Technical documents – Quick access to technical information and CAD drawings
  • Product brochure – Downloadable product brochure for easy browsing and sharing with clients at the job site
  • Bilingual installation instructions – English and Spanish installation instructions

The new website consolidates all mechanically fastened stone systems under the ClipStone brand, including two new products:

  • ColumnWrap – A mortarless solution for wrapping standard-sized columns, as well as deck columns and interior columns
  • ProPanel – A large-format panel ideal for more substantial residential and commercial projects (available this winter)

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