Courthouse’s Roof Is Restored with Copper

The Bradford County Courthouse receives a a complete roof restoration.
The Bradford County Courthouse receives a a complete roof restoration.

The Charles F. Evans Co. Inc. (a division of Evans Roofing Co. Inc.) was founded in 1945 in Elmira, N.Y. For over 70 years, the Charles F. Evans Co. Inc. has continued a tradition of excellence with long standing clients, especially when it comes to a project with historical significance. By providing quality craftsmanship on roofing restoration projects, it was a natural fit for the Charles F. Evans Co. Inc. to be awarded the Bradford County Courthouse reroof project.   

The Charles F. Evans Co. Inc. was awarded the project through C&D Waterproofing Corp., construction management on record for the project. Phase one began with the removal of the existing deteriorated terracotta roof tiles. With new underlayment in place, Field Superintendent Brian Babcock and his crew of union sheet metal associates began work installing 3,300 square feet of new soldered flat seam, 20 ounce, cold rolled copper pans on the dome. In addition, providing repair work to the statue of Columbia at the dome’s peak. Work on phase one was completed in late November 2016. Phase two consists an additional 12,000 square feet of batten seam copper on the lower roof areas  with new copper flashings, gutters and downspouts; all Revere Copper products.

Some challenges faced  by the Charles F. Evans Co. Inc. team included; providing 100 percent fall protection for steep roof operations, safe access to and from the work areas and protecting an active courthouse with pedestrians below. The completion (spring 2018) of the Bradford County Courthouse will showcase the Charles F. Evans Co. Inc.’s continued adherence to their core values of quality, safety and customer satisfaction on another historical restoration project. The Charles F. Evans Co. Inc. is proud to be a partner on this historical re-roofing project.

Copper Manufacturer: Revere Copper Products

Roof Report

Completed in 1898, the Bradford County Courthouse has dominated the Towanda, Penn., skyline for nearly 120 years. Constructed in the Classical and Renaissance revival styles, its four story, cruciform structure supports an ornate dome. The courthouse was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places in 1987 and is undergoing a three million dollar renovation which includes a complete restoration of the roof.

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