CrispWhite LED Draws Out Bold Color While Maintaining Bright Whites

Philips’ CrispWhite LEDPhilips’ CrispWhite LED

Philips’ CrispWhite LED

Philips’ CrispWhite LED

Philips’ CrispWhite is the first retail LED light solution able to make whites appear pure and bright while presenting deep, vivid colors. The LED recipe uses an optimized light spectrum that offers consistent light quality for a convincing, attractive display of merchandise in retail stores.

Retail lights with a color enhanced spectrum can often successfully draw out bold color, but at the expense of dulling whites. The new CrispWhite solution, designed to be integrated into track heads or recessed downlights for accent lighting, will create color consistency across all light sources in stores. It dramatically raises the current standard of LED light quality to enable white to truly stand out and, as a result, opens new doors for LEDs in the retail segment. CrispWhite’s lumen packages will go up to 4000 lumens with a CRI of more than 90.

Starting in the fourth quarter of 2013, CrispWhite will be available in three forms: Philips LED lamps, Philips LED modules and Philips Luminaires. The different options provide end users with optimum flexibility that will meet a variety of needs wherever they are in the evolution of their display space.

Philips first mastered a light spectrum that enhanced color and whites in 2010 with the MASTERColor CDM Elite lamp. Within the space of a year the CDM Elite lamp became the standard in compact discharge spot lighting. CrispWhite draws upon the optimized light spectrum from CDM Elite as an LED alternative and provides a new experience of light quality that retail stores can uniquely leverage.


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