Daylighting Initiative Tailored To Advance Specifications

Daylighting in a ClassroomPHOTO: Solatube International Inc.

The Eneref Institute, Doylestown, Pa., has launched the Natural Interior Daylight Initiative, which is tailored to advance the specification of daylighting as a significant light source in commercial and residential facilities.

To launch the initiative, Eneref Institute authored a daylighting market report, “Seven Market Obstacles to Daylighting”, which is available on the institute’s website. It asserts using natural interior daylight in building should be much more common because of daylighting’s benefits to human health and reducing a building’s energy load.

Daylighting in a Classroom

PHOTO: Solatube International Inc.

Going forward, the institute will spotlight a multi-economic sector of the daylighting industry by publishing a series of case studies, featuring facilities that benefited from the installation of natural interior daylighting. The case studies will highlight specific solutions and validate the health, productivity and energy benefits within various vertical markets.

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