Deceuninck North America Acquires Pultrusion Assets of Graham Engineering

Deceuninck North America, a designer and manufacturer of systems for windows, doors and outdoor living, has acquired the pultrusion assets and related intellectual property of Graham Engineering, a manufacturer of blow molding machinery based in York, Pa. At the same time, Deceuninck will serve as the singular supplier of pultruded polyurethane window components to Graham Architectural Products (GAP) for their GThurm composite window and curtainwall systems. GAP, also based in York, is a sister company to Graham Engineering that manufactures architectural-grade windows, doors and curtain wall.

“This further expands our capability to offer something our customers and their customers are seeking–products with superior strength and increased energy efficiency. Deceuninck’s Innergy Rigid Thermal Reinforcements and hybrid window and door systems are based on pultruded polypropylene technology and are clear examples of this. With this acquisition, we are proud to add Graham Architectural Products to our list of industry-leading customers,” says Filip Geeraert, president and CEO of Deceuninck North America.

“We are excited about the bright future we see for this technologically advanced GThurm window and curtainwall systems and the prospect of working with a company like Deceuninck,” says Brian Hurley, president and CEO of Graham Architectural Products. “Their commitment to quality and innovation, much like our own, is a key factor in what we believe will be a very successful venture.”

Graham Architectural Products began manufacturing heavy commercial and architectural-grade windows in 1972. For more than 40 years, Graham has become known for its accurate reproductions of historical windows. During that same time, Graham has added a wide variety of products to its line-up, including standard windows and doors and blast-resistant, hurricane-resistant and acoustical specialty products.

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