Decorative Luminaire Emits Soft Light from Flexible LED Source

Architectural Lighting Works' MoonringArchitectural Lighting Works' Moonring

Architectural Lighting Works' Moonring

Architectural Lighting Works’ Moonring

Architectural Lighting Works (ALW), an international manufacturer of high-performance, commercial luminaires designed for use in office, retail, hospitality, civic and academic environments, introduces Moonring.

Available in suspended and surface mount models, Moonring is a simple, decorative luminaire that emits a soft, mystical gleam from a flexible LED source woven within a narrow, 1-inch curved housing.

Moonring circles (4-, 5-, 6- and 8-foot diameters) are formed from four joined arc segments. These same arc segments can also be specified as individual luminaires or joined together to form a wide variety of S-shape and curvilinear configurations, including squigglylines, looping weaves, rounded radials and asymmetric spirals. When paired with ALW’s compatible Lightplane 1 luminaire, Moonring arcs can also be configured to form stadium ovals, rounded rectangles and switchbacking lines of light.

The competitively priced Moonring is available in 3000K, 3500K and 4000K CCT and is powered by a remote 0-10V, DALI, DMX or Lutron Hi-Lume dimmable driver. Finish options are aluminum, black, white or any RAL color.


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