Elevate Doors with Crystal Knob

The Stella Crystal Knob by Viaggio elevates interior and exterior doors.

The Stella Crystal Knob by Viaggio elevates interior and exterior doors.

The contemporary Stella Crystal Knob is exclusive to Viaggio. The lead-free crystal knobs are clear and blemish-free. Each is meticulously shaped and polished with sculptural arcs and angles that add visual and tactile interest. Built on a base of solid forged brass, the hardware sets are carefully constructed with no visible fasteners. The company’s signature Concealed Screw Mechanism (CSM) neatly hides all installation apparatus, creating a sleek and clean finished look. All these thoughtful touches help set the Viaggio brand apart from competitors in the market. The difference is obvious at first touch, with the heft and density of each piece easily felt by hand.

Viaggio brings a chic and modern design aesthetic to the market, inspired by the iconic architecture of Milan and northern Italy. With manufacturing headquarters centered in the heart of Europe,the company pairs the best of engineering and artistry to create an exceptional product line. With an array of knobs, levers and other hardware to choose from, Viaggio combines organic textures and shapes to create distinctive hardware of undeniable quality and beauty. All Viaggio hardware is backed by an industry-leading Lifetime Warranty to guarantee years of easy use and enjoyment.

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