Elevated Seating Fits Over Existing Stadium Seating for Media and A/V Personnel

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The Sanford Coyote Sports Center, located on the University of South Dakota’s Vermillion campus, serves as a dynamic venue catering to the ever-changing needs of the student body and surrounding community. From hosting Coyote basketball games and live performances to student functions and town hall gatherings, the multi-purpose facility needed a flexible solution for accommodating media and A/V personnel assigned to capture and broadcast the university’s many events.

IBC guardrails provide safety while stage skirting covers the SC90 platforms and fixed-height legs.

Staging Concepts, a division of Trex Commercial Products and a national provider of portable staging solutions, engineered custom platforms to install over the existing arena seating, providing an elevated position for media to create content without impacting the integrity of the permanent structure. Using its versatile SC90 platforms supported by fixed-height legs and framed with IBC vertical picket guardrails, the tiered riser system is easy to set up and take down and, when completed with stage skirting to mask the understructure, delivers a finished, permanent aesthetic.

“The key for outfitting custom media risers is precise site measurement to ensure you are clearing the span on the seats and ensuring a perfect fit for the platforms,” says Adam Kopperud, sales manager with Staging Concepts. “Keeping the design simple with as many alike and interchangeable parts as possible makes the set up and take down seamless and fast.”

By embracing the arena’s demand for functional versatility, Staging Concepts curated a custom solution to comfortably host media personnel and equipment for years to come.

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