Eliminate Cords While Connecting A/V in Meeting Rooms

Legrand Wiremold A/V Table BoxLegrand Wiremold A/V Table Box

Legrand Wiremold A/V Table Box

Legrand Wiremold A/V Table Box

Legrand has introduced a compact, unobtrusive way to transform meeting rooms into well-connected spaces that eliminate distracting cords and cables and allow users to focus on conducting business. The Wiremold A/V Table Box extends power, communication and A/V to the meeting presenter’s point of use.

A/V Table Box is supplied with a cable grommet kit that can accommodate up to eight pull-out connections or will accept up to five Wiremold AVIP or Extron MAAP installed connectors. The box also includes two 15-amp receptacles in the top compartment and one 15-amp receptacle on the underside of the box. The activation surface can be adjusted down from 1 inch to 4 inches to allow the cover to close even when using large connectors. For added convenience, the box integrates with Wiremold cable retractors that provide 5 feet of retractable Cat 6, HDMI, VGA and 3.5-mm audio cable.

This box has a brushed aluminum, anodized cover with beveled edges and a “soft-touch” handle. It is available in black and silver finishes. The “pocket” door fully recesses into the table box when open, giving full access to connections without obstructing the surrounding work surface. An integral finishing plate hides hardware on the activation surface and allows for labeling of the AVIP plates.

The A/V Table Box is designed for easy installation into work surfaces. Use the included template to cut a hole, configure connectivity, set the activation height, place the box in cut out, and secure it below the table with the bracket and set screw. The cover allows for 1/4-inch forgiveness in the cut-out opening.

For a complete end-to-end solution, the A/V Table Box can be combined with other Wiremold cable management products, including the Meeting Room Transition Channel and Under Table Cable Management.


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