EMA Recognizes Energy Efficiency Day by Offering Online Resource

The Energy Management Association has announced that in recognition of Energy Efficiency Day, the organization is making its webinar, “Essential Techniques and Calculations for Energy Managers & Commissioning Authorities” available free online.

The 2-hour training webinar is instructed by EMA President Robert Knoedler, PE, EMP, CxA, of Hanson Professional Services. The webinar reviews calculations, formulas and unit conversions needed for ASHRAE level audits and commissioning activities. Among the many topics covered are: establishing an energy baseline, analyzing utility consumption, energy performance benchmarks, identifying/evaluating energy conservation measures (ECMs).

Viewers have the option of taking a quiz afterward to earn two CEUs that apply to a variety of professional certifications including the Energy Management Professional (EMP), administered by EMA and the Certified Commissioning Authority (CxA), administered by its affiliate the AABC Commissioning Group.

“We are proud to offer this valuable resource to the energy management and commissioning universe on Energy Efficient Day,” says EMA Executive Director Edward Armstrong. “Energy efficiency is arguably the most powerful fuel for reducing consumption and emissions and making all manner of enterprises more effective and productive. EMA’s webinar gets to the essence of how to make that happen.

“We hope that many viewers of this webinar will use it as a springboard to pursue the EMP Certification and in doing so turn the spirit of Energy Efficiency Day into a career,” adds Armstrong.

The next opportunity to attend the EMP Seminar and take the EMP Exam is Nov. 12-13, 2019, at NFMT Orlando

EMA Webinar Details

Webinar Title: Essential Techniques and Calculations for Energy Managers & Commissioning Authorities

Sponsor: EMA

Duration: Two hours

Viewing Link: www.energymgmt.org/webinars/

Instructor: Robert Knoedler, PE, EMP, CxA, Hanson Professional Services (EMA President)

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the importance of energy management and its synergy with commissioning
  • Key qualifications and services for an energy manager
  • Energy planning, auditing and savings persistence – process and strategies
  • Understand the importance of professional technical certificates and the experience, training and competencies they represent

Continuing Education Credits: AIA 2 LU

The Energy Management Association is dedicated to providing education, training and certification to energy management professionals on behalf of building owners. Its Energy Management Professional (EMP) certification program recognizes competence and promotes continual professional development among energy management professionals. The EMP program is ANSI-accredited, and recognized by the Department of Energy Better Buildings Workforce.

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