Everlast Lighting Hosts Green Networking Event

EverLast Lighting recently hosted more than 100 local professionals from the Jackson, Mich., community at its LEED-qualified facility for breakfast and networking. In addition to honoring a special guest, Dr. Michael Siminovitch of the California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC), Michael Nevins, president of EverLast Lighting, spoke about the effects of sustainable energy, green building practices, and its economic impact.

EverLast Lighting recently received the Detroit Free Press 2013 Green Leaders award in the category of “Green Building Practice” in honor of its LEED qualified facility. The building’s green features include geothermal heating and cooling, solar/wind powered hybrid parking lot lighting, glazed energy-efficient window glass, bamboo walls, pervious concrete, daylighting controls and solar tracking skylights. “The building is a huge statement because it practices the energy efficiency that the brand preaches by having so many green features,” Nevins comments. The 72,000-square-foot building completed in April 2010 allowed EverLast to begin more efficiently manufacturing its line of energy-efficient induction light fixtures.

As part of the event, EverLast Lighting presented Dr. Michael Siminovitch and the CLTC the first EverLast Energy Innovation Award for its research and development of adaptive lighting controls, the implementation of induction lighting technology, and reduced energy consumption across University of California campuses. “I want to offer my appreciation to Michael Nevins for being such a great partner. The CLTC began reaching out to our industry partners for lowering energy consumption, and EverLast was one of the first to come forward. Collectively, U.C. Davis and EverLast innovated and developed the adaptive lighting project,” Siminovitch explains.

At the event, attendees wore black in honor of Siminovitch’s work, black being his trademark attire. Siminovitch has directed the CLTC since it was established in 2003, under the UC Davis Department of Design. It has since become one of the most respected lighting research centers in the United States. “In 2014 the state of California will require all pathways, all parking lots, all parking garages, colleges, universities, private buildings, and public buildings by law to have the technology that we innovated together,” Siminovitch adds.

As Michigan looks to become more energy efficient, local Michigan utility companies DTE and Consumers Energy, are also getting in the fray and rolling out excellent rebate programs for the energy efficient lighting solutions, such as the EverLast induction fixtures. Their rebate policies and applications are easily found on their website. The utilities are offering aggressive, prescriptive rebates for commercial and industrial applications up to $180 per induction lighting fixture further incentivizing businesses looking to lower their energy consumption. In addition, the utilities offer additional incentives for the purchase of Michigan made energy efficient lighting products.

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